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This project aims to automate the task of tracking trading data, so you can spend less time manipulating spreadsheets, and more time trading and focusing on market trends. The trade tracker handles gathering your trading data on four different trading platforms - PoloniDEX, TronTrade, JustSwap, and Unifi. JustSwap and Unifi give very poor historical trade data, so unless you are recording your trades as they happen, you might get left in the dark! But not anymore. Trading fees paid on exchanges are made transparent, and you can also track your burned TRX as it happens.

For a quick visual walkthrough of the features provided by a few of the different subscriptions, please check this out.

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This project is currently in a BETA phase. This means that certain features may not be implemented yet, or existing features may not be 100% accurate. We are working very hard to ensure the correctness of our data. If you notice anything off, please submit a support request and we can look into it. Note that the majority of potential inaccuracies will probably be affecting lesser known (likely scam) tokens, but this is not a guarantee. Trading fees are subject to being incorrect, in the event that the DEX changes the maker/taker fees to different amounts - there is no way of knowing if your trade was a maker trade, or a taker trade. Currently the exchanges supported have the same fees for both sides.

By continuing to use this site, you accept these conditions and also accept that refunds will not be issued due to data inaccuracies or features that are still in development, or in the event of a failure to read and understand these terms.