Features Planned For 2021

The features below are not in any particular order, and there is no guaranteed timeline for them. Some things on this list are much more difficult than others, so they will take much longer. This is mostly to give an idea as to where this project is headed in the future.

  1. Liquidity and Impermanent Loss Calculations for Justswap and Unifi - High priority
    • Tracking LP tokens, percent LP ownership, impermanent loss, and estimated fees earned in LP

  2. Bookmarking Reports
    • This will let you bookmark reports, and easily get back to them with the dates and pair saved

  3. Easier method of favoriting pairs
    • Will let you favorite/unfavorite pairs in the pair selection dropdown

  4. System for managing system announcements
    • So we can let you know when one of these new features have been implemented and are ready for you to use

  5. Ability to see the support/feedback tickets you've submitted

  6. Integration with other blockchains besides TRON
    • Likely will be a longer term item, and the focus will be on blockchains where Sesameseed's UNIFI protocol is implemented. Currently, this includes blockchains such as Ontology and Harmony.
    • The ability to log in to this system with the browser wallet extensions for those other blockchains is planned, but will likely take longer. Along with this, you will be able to purchase subscriptions with those currencies instead of only TRX.

  7. Integration with Sesameseed's SEED redeem values, and possibly the ability to automatically grab past redemptions for your address
    • This would include other blockchains redemptions when they become available in this system

  8. Updating trade/trade_report page to show which exchange the trades came from, as well as the fee. Burn data also needs to be included.
    • Bonus: Added in icons as well, to make it prettier and save space. This page crams a lot of data in, so the font size had to be reduced, or the date had to go. Let us know if the font is too small and we can explore other options.

  9. Fixing some issues with Trontrade/PoloniDEX and certain orders that execute at different prices than specified by the user
    • Eg: user placed order for 10 TRX/SEED, when the going rate is 1.16 TRX/SEED. Trade executes at 1.16 TRX/SEED, and not 10 TRX/SEED

  10. Ability to import/export trade history (premium subscriptions only)