Liquidity Pool & Impermanent Loss Calculator - Basic

This tool allows you to calculate impermanent loss and other losses associated with providing liquidity to certain DEXes on the TRON blockchain. It also shows any profits gained and estimates the fees you have earned while providing liquidity.

Note: May not be accurate for averaged positions (adding together your deposits and LP tokens).

What is Impermanent Loss?
Impermanent loss is a "temporary" loss that occurs when there are price flucuations in the token you are providing liquidity for. When the price changes relative to the price you entered the pool at, you suffer from this loss. For small price changes the loss is not very noticeable, but when there are large swings it can easily put you at a large loss. This page allows you to see that loss and determine whether you want to stay in the pool or exit.

Note: If you exit the pool, the "impermanent" loss becomes permanent, so beware! And the term "impermanent loss" is somewhat misleading, because if the price of the token you are providing liquidity for falls drastically (as in the case of the SUN token) and never recovers, then your loss is as good as permanent. Impermenent loss can occur when the price of the token either goes up, or down. This loss is caused by the changing ratio of tokens in the pool as trades are executed and people buy or sell tokens.

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