TRON Vanity Address Generator

This tool allows you to create a vanity address for TRX, complete with mnemonic phrase.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS TOOL (Right click -> Save As) AND RUN OFFLINE ON A SECURE MACHINE. By manually generating your seed phrase with this tool, you assume any risks involved. Please do some research before using this tool if you are unfamiliar with vanity addresses and their generation. Note that this page can be run completely offline and does not require any outgoing network requests to function. Your private keys are generated and stored only on your machine, until you refresh the page.

We also have a tool for calculating Impermanent Loss (for DEX Liquidity Pool Providers).

Input Options

Enter your desired string, and press the button to find the keypair. The string will be at the end of the public key (or beginning, if you choose).
A search with 5 characters will take a while (hours), 6 may take days.

To conduct multiple searches at the same time, separate the entries with a comma. This is a good way to try to find harder (read: rarer) addresses while looking for a more common one.
The first item will end the search upon discovery, so make sure it is the longest one that you want to find! eg: bird, cat, dog

NOTE: This will heavily utilize your processor while it tries to find your address(s). Keep that in mind when searching. If looking for a rare address, consider trying overnight while you're sleeping.
The "Number of Threads" option allows you some control over how many resources will be used. If you have a higher end computer (read: CPU), you will want to bump it up to 8-12+ threads, while if you have a lower end computer you would lower it to 1-3 threads. 4 should be fine for the majority of modern computers.

Word list:

This will make the search take less time, but the result may not stand out as much as the other options. Try combining it with case sesnsitivity (takes longer) to make the phrase stand out.

Enabling this can cause the search to take longer.

Number of Threads:

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